If you want to have a little piece of art to carry around with you, check out my Dynomighty page. Dynomighty wallets are made of Tyvek, an incredibly tough, durable material. Dynomighty is an awesome company-- it was all started by one man with a good idea and now has an artist collective of over eight hundred people.

I draw people, animals, and landscapes, and I'm happy to do just about any other subject you may want. Nudes are no issue for me. I also do toons from video games and would be happy to create a portrait of your character; special discounts apply to guilds getting artwork done all at one time! Check out my Etsy shop for specilized toon portrait prices and other discounts: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OlearyInk
screenshot (2)

If you'd like custom art, contact me with a description of the project and I'll get back to you shortly with an estimation of  the cost and any additional info I'll need from you. I love drawing sci-fi and fantasy, the stranger the better. I'd love to illustrate some short stories. I will draw nudes and handle almost any subject matter. I'll also consider trades with other artisans and crafters so don't be afraid to ask; we might be able to work something out. 


Canvas prints, like the one below, come in a variety of sizes and because of the nature of the artwork they can be quite big without losing resolution. 


The picture below is printed on a 16x20 canvas and mounted on an aluminum frame. 


Please email me about the availability of the piece of art you'd like printed. Not all of my pieces are available as prints at this time. I also do poster prints and foam board prints, just ask what's available and I can send you a list of the sizes, prices, and print material.